• Rooted in African American Baptist faith and tradition steeped in a history of religious liberty, justice, and, equality for all persons
  • Committed to shaping leaders in Public Theology and Prophetic witness for the Twenty-first century
  • Forming leaders with global awareness, with a vision of inclusivity, multiculturalism, and celebration of differences
  • The Baptist school f Theology builds on the historic legacy of the Black Baptist Church, Informed by the theological and academic legacy of dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays, and grounded in the tradition of the former Morehouse School of religion, while celebrating the history of “Being Baptist” at the ITC.

Who do we serve?

  • The Baptist School of Theology serves The Church, larger interfaith community; wider society
  • 41 million Christian members of Baptist churches world wide
  • 218 Baptist conventions and fellowship communities over 100 million adherents to the Baptist faith tradition
  • Specifically 13.5 million African American Baptist


  • Building on the legacy of Benjamin E. Mays, as scholar, preacher, activist, ecumenist, and humanitarian
  • Drawing on the best of the history of the Morehouse School of religion, and turning a new chapter for the global age
  • Theological leadership and public witness in the world
  • Advancing the ecumenical vision of the Christian Church
  • Preparing leaders for ministry in the church and society

Strategic Goals

  • Become a full member of the consortium at the ITC
  • Provide at least 25 full student scholarships
  • Continue the growth of the global travel seminar program

Seeking institutional partners/ sponsors

The Baptist school of Theology is actively seeking opportunities for partnership and collaboration with churches, theological institutions, businesses and individuals as we strive to establish excellence in preparing leaders for ministry in a changing world.