Gardner C. Taylor Preaching Archives

The Reverend Dr. Gardner C. Taylor has been preaching the Gospel of God through Jesus The Christ for over half a century.  He is a superb story-teller who brings the Gospel to life through the use of rich imagery and a powerful imagination.  Dr. Taylor is considered by many to be the veritable Dean of Black Preachers in America.

In light of Reverend Dr. Taylor’s legacy of preaching, the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) is privileged to house his archives.  The Gardner C. Taylor Archives and Preaching Laboratory is a source for primary research by masters and Ph.D. level students of Homiletics.  The archive houses Dr. Taylor’s written and recorded sermons, lectures, books, and articles. The public has access to the archives to listen and view the sermons at regularly scheduled times.

Complementing the audio and video copies of Gardner Taylor’s sermons in the Preaching Laboratory is his collection of writings that are available for research at the Robert W. Woodruff Library of the Atlanta University Center.  The collection includes over 1,000 of Gardner Taylor’s sermons and speeches.  For more information, click; or make an appointment at or 404-978-2052.

Black Women in Church and Society (BWCS)

The office of BWCS was organized in 1981 to encourage and to facilitate the inclusion and full participation of women in the life and work of the Church and the larger society. Using education as a tool, we seek to create a context for constructive and positive changes in women’s reality and thus, in the Church and the larger society.  Every aspect of the work of BWCS supports the acquisition of knowledge for the purpose of correcting miseducation and misconceptions with respect to African American women, thus advancing the overall health of the community and the Church.  For more information, click, or visit

Youth Hope Builders Academy

The purpose of the Youth Hope-Builders Academy is to promote the growth and development of Black youth as Christians and to enliven their awareness of and commitment to Christian vocation and practices in the Church and world through hope-filled and hope-building methods.  The Academy also seeks to foster the support of parent/guardians, church and community leaders for their youth in the formation of Christian identity and life direction.  The ultimate goal is for these adults to see their participation in the Academy and their ongoing support of their youth as a pivotal part of their own Christian practices and learning.

The project also intends to increase the interest and enhance the ability of present and future seminarians and ministry leaders in developing and implementing effective strategies for youth ministry.

Faith Journey

The purpose of the Faith Journey: Partnership in Parish Ministry Formation program is to foster a vision for congregational ministry in youth and adults with particular attention given to the historic religious experience of African-Americans.


In 2005, the Interdenominational Theological Center developed a concept for the role it would play in recovering the “green civilization” given to humankind in the beginning and creating a new Eden, starting with ITC’s 10-acre campus and expanding to other parts of the city and the world.  This concept, subsequently called ‘TheoEcology’, governs the care of campus facilities and is infused into the curriculum. Guided by the wisdom of world-class environmentalists, theologians, and academics, the goals of TheoEcology are to frame the language of the environmental movement from a theological perspective, to be a living embodiment of God’s reconciling love for all creation, to encourage individuals to live a ‘green’ lifestyle.